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BAI In Conflict With Prannoy And Srikanth

After the debacle pulled of by both the players, certain animosity has been built among them and BAI

BAI expects apology from HS Prannoy in the upcoming fortnight (Photo: Twitter @BAI_Media)

It does so happen sometimes that a few misunderstandings lead to animosity among a player and the governing body. Sometimes, a sense of being ignored or shunned leads to bitterness among a particular player. This does not imply that the board always works in an unbiased and cordial manner. A lack of proper supervision may lead to inefficiency in the working of the selecting committee. This however, translates as callus in the eyes of the   player, who just wants to play. There is also a third scenario, when certain regulations are broken and the board is forced to act. This leads to animosity. Something similar happened a few days ago.

Srikanth and Prannoy break reguations

This incident began with Kidambi Srikanth and HS Prannoy  not playing the semifinal of the Asian Team Championship. Instead, they left for Barcelona to play in another event. India ended up losing the semifinal but finished third in the competition.

Badminton Association of India (BAI) took particular action.On disciplinary grounds, the BAI did not nominate world number 14 Srikanth and 28th ranked Prannoy for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award respectively.

Prannoy reacted to this incident. He slams the 12-member selection panel, saying, “no one considers performance in our country.

“If you ever want your name in the Awards list, make sure you have people who will get your name to the list. No one considers performance in our country. Sad state of our county but can’t help it. Let go and just play until you can,” Prannoy states in his tweet.

BAI takes the course of action

The Badminton Association of India (BAI) on Friday recommended Kidambi Srikanth for the Khel Ratna award. This happens after the top Indian shuttler apologised and show-caused his teammate HS Prannoy for slamming the federation after not being nominated for the Arjuna honour.

“We have received an email from Srikanth in which he has accepted the mistake and he has also promised to not indulge in such activities in the future,” states BAI General Secretary, Ajay Singhania.

“Considering the talent of Srikanth and the accomplishments, we have decided to recommend his name for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award,” BAI General Secretary Ajay Singhania said.

Though Srikanth’s application has been forwarded to the Sports Ministry, Prannoy has been ignored and instead been asked to respond for his outburst against BAI within 15 days.