The first meeting of the season between the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors lived up to the hype, which is no small accomplishment on its own. And while Kyrie Irving tried to downplay a suggestion of a playoff-like atmosphere at TD Garden, it seemed impossible to argue that both sides weren’t a little extra amped for a showdown of two of the most talented teams in the NBA. Golden State were 1st in their conference while Boston were 5th in the Eastern Conference. It was Kyrie vs Curry, Tatum vs Thompson, Horford vs Green, the match-ups couldn’t stop. It was one of the most exciting fixtures in the NBA season.

The Celtics started the quarter well. Irving was firing threes from minute 1, while Klay Thompson was matching him on the other end. Cousins who began for the first time in a warriors jersey contributed 6 points in the first quarter. Morris added to Kyries 3 point delight in the first quarter. Golden States strength was too hot for the Celtics in the first half as Dub nation were leading 29-26 in the first quarter. The second was quite even. With shots going all around, both the sides looked strong offensively. Jason Tatum starred with his exquisite jumpers as the Celtics took a lead, however it didn’t last long with Curry scooping up points. With the first half ending and Boston Substitutes having zero impact. the warriors led 61-59.

With a majority of Celtics substitutes continue playing in the 3rd quarter, they fell to a big lead with Durant coming to the show. Scoring 33 on the night, he made 15 in the 3rd quarter. Smart and Irving recovered after coming on as the 3rd quarter point standings favored the Warriors 90-84. It could still be anyone’s game. Celtics put all their effort in as Tatum, Irving, and Horford starred in the 4th quarter making the scores tied with 2 minutes left. The Warriors hit a jumper while the Celtics talisman Irving put on a 3 point play- the Celtics were leading with 90 seconds to play- 111-110. However, all Celtics hearts were broken as Curry and Thompson scored free throws through fouls and the Dubs won the game. The Warriors .won their 10th game in a row as they continue to sparkle in the Western Conference. As for the Celtics, their substitutes need to have a positive impact on the game.