Here are the teams which are playing this season (Photo: Twitter @NBA)

With sports finally resuming now, new guidelines and regulations are coming in all ways. Many health experts have given their inputs to how things can be resumed with the best possible outcome.

Since the spread of COVID-19 is so rampant and robust, proper precaution needs to be taken. With new and new advancements in the virus, proper precaution ensures the safety of everyone on tour.

NBA makes a comeback this year

The reigning NBA champions had won four consecutive games, the longest active streak in the NBA — one game ahead of the three in a row posted by Oklahoma City, Brooklyn, and Orlando.

Of the 22 teams that are, the team on the longest winless drought when play was stopped was — surprisingly — the NBA-leading Milwaukee Bucks, who had dropped three in a row.

Following are the important aspects that one must keep in mind before the season of 2020 begins;

  • Shorter Season

If all the seeding games get played, then this NBA season would include 1,059 games — a drop of 171 from what was planned when the season began. That means 14% of the season will not be played.

  • Most Good Teams Of The Lot

There is a chance that the NBA could see more teams with winning percentages of .600 or better than ever before. The league will have at least 12 teams (and almost certainly more) finish below .500 this season — and it is mathematically possible that 13 teams could finish at .600 or better and the other 17 teams all finish below .500

  • Sunshine State Winner

Doc Rivers used to coach in Orlando. Billy Donovan had enormous success leading the Florida Gators. Maybe it makes sense that their teams do well in the Sunshine State.

  • Harden’s Points

Houston’s James Harden is going to win the scoring title. He also has a chance at leading the league in total points in every quarter — which is somewhat rare.

  • Redick’s Streak

Put simply, Redick hasn’t missed a postseason in his competitive basketball life — at least since high school, anyway. It’s an obviously impressive streak, one the Pelicans will try to extend by playing well in these eight seeding games that will decide their postseason fate.

We can hope for the best for the organizers and expect a good season of NBA.