The Cleveland Cavaliers were last in the Eastern Conference rankings and played Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center looking to kick-start their poor season. Wins have been hard to come by for the Cavaliers this season, so coach Larry Drew has been focused on the incremental signs of progress. Against the Lakers, Drew saw those little things help put the Cavaliers into the right side of the win column. Cedi Osman scored 20 points and Colin Sexton added 17 and the Cavaliers ended a 12-game losing streak with a 101-95 victory on Sunday night.

Cleveland began strongly. Cedi Osman and Tristan Thompson dominated the first quarter for the Cavaliers. Kyle Kuzma and Javale of the Lakers scored a few, but the Cavaliers had began better, making 32 to Lakers’ 24. The Yellow and Purple responded well in the second quarter. Brandon Ingram and substitute Micheal Beasley had especially fought hard for the Laker, winning rebounds and assisting mates frequently. However, without both James and Rajan Rondo, the Lakers missed the creative aspect of their game. At half-time, the Cavaliers led 51 to 48.

Colin Sexton controlled the 3rd quarter. His drive-ins and jump shots combined with the Lakers poor defending pretty much summed up the third quarter. Kyle Kuzma and Ingram added to the Lakers points. Now, the Cavs were winning 75-67. With the final throw of the dice, the Lakers played their best 5- Kuzma, Ball, Ingram, Javale all included. However, Rodney Hood and Sexton had taken advantage of that and scored a lot of points too. Even with all the Lakers’ hard work, they were 6 points short of a tie. Cleveland won 101-95 on the night.

The Lakers will be back at it on Tuesday to take on the Chicago Bulls, who — on paper — are arguably better than the Cavaliers. LeBron James will be re-evaluated the following day. The Lakers desperately need a leader with James creativity in their team. The man doesn’t only bring maturity but wins too.