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houston rockets vs golden state warriors nba

James Harden hit a contested 3-pointer with 2.7 seconds left in overtime and finished with his second triple-double of the week and fifth straight 40-point game, rallying the Houston Rockets past the Golden State Warriors 135-134 in a thriller. Capella played 45, while Harden played 44 minutes of the match. Klay Thompson played maximum for Golden State playing 43 minutes and scoring 26, whereas Steph played 40 and scored 35.

Harden opened the game with a 3 pointer to settle the momentum, however, the Warriors controlled Oracle Arena in the first half. Durant and Steph played with the latter scoring two 3 pointers in the half. Draymond Green dominated the defense and Thompson was essential in the ball movement from back to front. The overall quarter domination resulted in the Warrior’s lead of 11 points.

The Rockets looked to respond, playing Capella and Harden throughout the second half. Overall, they did improve, but the Warriors’ dominance was too hot to handle. Livingston and Iguadola came off the bench to control the Warrior’s lead. Golden State lead 70 to 53 at half-time. It was looking like another win at the Oracle, however, the opposition were special- they had the MVP.

The Rockets came into the 2nd half with optimism and determination. Harden and Capella scored in double digits in the 3rd quarter to boost their comeback. The Oracle Arena was prepared for a grand end. The Rockets bettered the Warriors by 11 points in the 3rd half, but the Blue and Gold were still leading. The momentum was with the rockets. Steph did continue his three’s, however, the Rockets team effort and James Harden last minute 3 pointer pushed the game to extra-time.

The game was tied at 119 points each after the 48 minutes were played. Both the team’s strongest 5 played for those golden 3 points. Golden State scored first, however, the Rockets responded with a quick James Harden three. Klay Thompson scored a layup with 13 seconds left. Rockets called for a timeout and the ball was played to James Harden from the throw-in. With seconds remaining, Harden shot between Durant and Thompson to score the winner, silencing the Golden State crowd. The MVP had won the game.