Los Angeles Lakers
Photo: Twitter @Lakers

Lebron James’ men came determined at the Staples Center to improve their record this season to 14-9. Their competition, Phoenix Suns were down with a 4-18 disappointing run before the match.

Lakers were favorites to win the match, but the 1st quarter belonged to the Suns. They were up 31-21. Devin Booker impressed, scoring 6 points but left the game in the first quarter due to an injury which was a turn-around in the match.

In the second quarter, the Lakers woke up on offense- the entire team pushing forward on numerous occasions. In the first few minutes, Michael Beasley gave the Lakers some great minutes off the bench, as he was active in his five minutes in the quarter. Both, Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma starred with the points in the 2nd quarter with 13 and 18 respectively. The Lakers lead by 15 points in the half- an impressive 2nd quarter display.

The Lakers started off the third quarter with two quick buckets by JaVale McGee. The Suns never really managed to get into a rhythm that could help them regain any sort of ground and Lebron James, the king, led the attack with multiple dunks, leading 95-74 comfortably.

The 4th half was quite boring with Lakers playing the game for fun. The Suns just wanted the game to get over so that they could start again in the next match. Lakers essentially played 12 minutes of garbage time with the most exciting part of the final period being Lakers rookie Mo Wagner scoring his first NBA points on two free throws early in the quarter. The Yellows and Purples won comprehensively 120-96 for a 14-9 win-loss streak.

The Lakers and Lebron James have once again proved that they are on the way back to their best.