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The Australian umpire Claire Polosak has set an example for all the women out there as she became the first woman umpire in the history of cricket who takes the stand in Men’s One Day International match for the very first time. The final match of ICC World Cricket League Division 2 has witnessed this iconic moment on Saturday when the 31-year-old expert monitored the play on the field.

The milestone umpire said on her achievement, “I am thrilled to be the first woman to stand in a men’s ODI and how far I have come as an umpire. It really is important to promote women umpires and there’s no reason why females can’t umpire in cricket”. She also added, “it’s about breaking down barriers, creating awareness so more females can come into the role”.

Earlier, in her exceptional career stint she attended a total of 15 women’s ODIs and made her ODI debut in umpiring from Australia’s match against South Africa few yeas back in November 2016. Not only this, she also performed splendidly in ICC tournaments such as the semi finals of Women’s T20 World Cup 2018 between Indian squad and England and stood in four matches of Women’s World Cup 2017.

The legendary woman umpire has broken the mould with this step. She was the first woman who stood in men’s domestic fixture of Australia at the time of her first-ever List A matches in 2017.

In this year’s ICC World Cricket League Division 2 at Namibia Polosak’s name was picked up among the top eight eight on-field umpires in the thrilling match series. Teams like USA, Oman, PNG and Namibia have so far secured their place in brand new World Cup League 2.