Former Indian captain states how he still 'doesnt know' the reason behind his ban (Photo: Twitter @StarSports_Media)

Sporting bans can be disastrous for the player. The image of the player and career is heavily affected. Though the reasons are correct, the player can still hold grudges against the sport’s governing body.  

Betting and fixing matches is a big-time problem in all sports. Especially in our country India. With the boom of cricket in the ’90s, bookies and malpractices had their eyes on particular players. Some players got into this vicious cycle of malpractices and indulged in wrongdoings. 

These activities harm the integrity of the game; the game is tarnished with such activities. The belief of the game which the people have is hugely impacted by it. 

Former Indian skipper still holds his grudges with the board

Mohammad Azharuddin’s rehabilitation from life ban is more than complete in many ways but the former India captain says he “doesn’t really know the reasons” for banning him in the first place. He still holds grudges against the board for banning him under given circumstances. 

In December 2000, Azharuddin was handed a life ban by the BCCI for his involvement in match-fixing. However, after a long-drawn-out legal battle, Azharuddin saw the Andhra Pradesh High Court revoking the ban and terming it “illegal” in 2012. But, his image was hugely impacted by that time, and he held a negative image in the eyes of the people. 

“I had decided to fight it and I am grateful that after 12 years I got cleared. I felt very satisfied when after being elected president of Hyderabad association I went and attended the BCCI AGM meeting.”

He didn’t know that the 99th Test of his career would be his last. Now, Azharuddin says he has no regrets at missing out on completing a century of matches.

“I am a firm believer in fate and whatever is in your destiny it happens. I look at this way that nowadays if a player is a class act he ends up playing more than 100 Tests. So I don’t think this record of 99 Test matches that I hold is going to be broken,” Azharuddin states.