pic credit @BCBtigers
pic credit @BCBtigers

Bangladesh Cricket Team has left New Zealand after 24 hours of worst ever mass shooting in the country. Bangladeshi team who escaped the death by a whisker have been shattered with the terrifying experience that took place at the two mosques in Christchurch.

Bangladeshi team were heading towards Hagley Oval ground to play the third test match against New Zealand and when the bus approached Al-Noor Mosque, shooting began in which 41 people died. The bus was hardly 50 yards far from the mosque and players were worried about their lives inside while thinking how they would safely get out of the vehicle. There were no injuries to the players reported so far but they have were locked inside their hotel rooms following the incident. New Zealand is the country where crimes like this have hardly occurred and it is extremely rare but after this terror-stricken attack, Bangladesh changed its perception about team security during tours in the country. The test match has been called off which was scheduled on Friday after the incident took place.

The President of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) Nazmul Hassan said, “We’ll demand proper security wherever our team goes in future. If a country provides proper security as per our demand, then we will go otherwise not I can say that everything will change after this incident”. Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister also took to Twitter after the terror attack and said, “ICC shd take note & perhaps suspend int cricket in NZ after act of terrorism?”.

All the team members of Bangladesh Cricket Team has been departed from New Zealand under police escort. Bangladesh’s support staff has also been scheduled to take off for a later flight.

Here’s what people react to deadliest terror shooting in New Zealand :