Broad’s Idea For Players Is Being Considered Viable By ECB

Now with all matches being conducted in empty stadiums, a new way of "creating a mindset" is suggested by Broad

Broad suggests team physiologists a new strategy (Photo: Twitter @ECB_cricket)

Given the situation of the world right now, sports will not be the same for a while now. With no crowds and fans in stadiums, the dynamics of the sport will surely be affected. Sport is not only a physical effort; it also requires mental stability and fitness. 

As one has rightly said, crowds can make or break the players. When crowds support and cheer for the players in the stadium, the opponent team comes under a tremendous amount of pressure. This pressure can result in the team underperforming. 

Also, when any crowd supports a team, the players get an extra push to outperform and win games.

Now, things are going to be very different. With no positive or negative influence from the crowd, players need to worry or count on other factors. Many players and experts have expressed their opinions on this new dynamic of the game.

Broad suggests a new methodology for players

Stuart Broad has asked England team’s sports psychologist to “create a mind-set” best suited for playing behind closed doors. International cricket prepares to return with a host of radical changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The upcoming three-match Test series between England and West Indies, starting here on July 8, will mark the resumption of international cricket after the coronavirus-forced hiatus.

The matches will be held in a bio-secure environment with no spectators.

“I think the games will feel a bit different with no crowds. International cricket certainly will be more of a mental test to make sure each player is right up for the battle, and I’m very aware of that” states Broad.

“I’ve already spoken to our sports psychologist about creating a bit of a mind-set around making sure I can get my emotions up to where they need to be for me to be at my best.”

This suggestion can be seen as a viable option for players, only time will tell how things will plan out.