pic credit: [email protected]i Raj

The West Bengal government is bracing for stormy cyclonic alert ahead of this weekend and so the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) has unleashed the high alert warning for all the local matches scheduled to be played in West Bengal in this week. The cricket authorities have postponed all the matches scheduled to be held in Bengal between May 3 to May 6 owing to the occurrence of cyclone ‘Fani’ heading towards the city this week as forecasted by the Meteorological Department of Kolkata.

The  Joint Secretary of Cricket Association of Bengal, Avishek Dalmiya made the announcement of postponing the schedule by saying, “safety of the players is paramount. Taking that into consideration and also to ensure there are no logistical difficulties faced by them, we have decided to put on hold the matches at moment”.

The matches which are going to be effected from the postponement of the fixtures include Under-18 club level matches, first and second division championship playoff games, knockout matches of One Day Tournament, university matches and women’s T20 semi-finals.

Since it will be an election day in West Bengal on May 6 so all the delayed fixtures will be resumed from May 7, 2019. The civic bodies and Bengal authorities have issued the warning to all the neighbouring cities like Odisha to get prepped up for worsening of the climatic situations in the next 24 hours. The government is working on war footing to cope with the storm which is all set to hit the city starting early Saturday.