Dobal was a well-known member of the Delhi Cricket Club (Photo: Twitter @DDCA)

Due to the rise of the COVID-19 being so rampant, there is a sense of fear and uncertainty around the globe. Though only 3-4% of the people with coronavirus are dying, it is still a big cause of concern. 

The world has realized that they cannot stay in the state of lockdown forever. The same is the case with sports. With huge amounts of money and resources being invested, it is very difficult to straight-up cancel sporting tours. 

Given all this, there is no doubt in saying that all deaths which this virus is causing are unfortunate and saddening events. Many people, especially the elderly are at high risk of being dead if coronavirus infects them.

Doctors are trying many kinds and methods of treatment such as plasma treatment, ventilator, and immunity boosters. However, since there is no cure for the disease yet, the problem is still persisting at large.

Dobal dies due to COVID-19

Well-known club cricketer and former Delhi U-23 support staff Sanjay Dobal died this morning after failing to recover from COVID-19 infection, a source close to the family states. He was a familiar figure among big players such as Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir

Dobal was 53 years old and his family consists of his wife and two sons – elder Siddhant, who plays first-class cricket for Rajasthan and the younger son, Ekansh.

“Dobal showed symptoms and was first admitted to a medical facility in Bahadurgarh, a week back. He had tested positive for COVID-19. However, his condition deteriorated and was shifted to a Dwarka hospital with better facilities. He was given plasma but the treatment didn’t work,” a DDCA official states.

Former acting BCCI president CK Khanna, Delhi stalwarts Madan Lal and Manhas offer their condolences to the family. May his soul rest in peace.