Bravo is confident about CSK performing well in this year's IPL (Photo: Twitter @ChennaiIPL)

As we all know, the presence of a leading figure in the team is crucial. Without a good leading figure present to guide and mentor the team, the team cannot succeed as a whole unit. There may be big and world-class players making records now and then, however, what matters is the team winning matches. 

We must also realize that no one person can lead the team forever. Age is something that comes to us all, most of the sportspersons. No one person can stay in their position forever and the mantle of the ‘captaincy’ must be passed on. True, it can be a difficult conversation to have, but an extremely important one too. 

Chennai Super Kings have been one of the most successful sides in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Under the leadership of the MS Dhoni, who was bought in the first season, the franchise has won three IPL titles.

But as the CSK captain enters the last lap of his career, thoughts are already in place about who will be next in line to lead the team and how to groom them. This has been a debate that has not been discussed as often in the public domain, but the question remains. 

“I know it’s been in the back of his mind for some time, I mean all of us have to step aside at some point of time. It’s just the matter of when… when to step aside and hand it over to whether it’s a Raina or someone younger,” Bravo states in an interview. 

“He doesn’t have to worry about a billion people now, it’s just CSK the franchise but I don’t think that’ll change the person he is, won’t he change how leads the team, definitely he’ll be the same person.”

Bravo also makes his excitement clear as all the fans waiting for this year’s edition of IPL. Many CSK fans are excited to see the combination of these world-class players back in action. 

“We have a very talented squad, full of experience and also we have a management staff, that is very relaxed and balanced and also the owners… All these things come together and play a part (in making CSK a successful franchise).”