Gambhir is optimistic regarding India's bowling attack (Photo: Twitter @BCCI_Media)

Often at times, a team’s performance can hugely be influenced by other team’s weaknesses. Since the competition these days is so ruthless and robust, every team needs to include the best players. Every player needs to outdo their counter rivals, to win games. Even a small mistake or vacuum in the team and lead to total catastrophe for the entire team.

We have seen in cricket, how many teams are dependent on a few players quite often. It is not to say that only these players perform. However, they play a huge role in shaping the mentality of the entire team. We all know how important the attitude with which players play the game is. The attitude of the team can make or break the game. 

With that being said, it is also true that after defeat, teams plan better and ensure to play with an appropriate approach with which the rivals play. 

Kohli-led Indian team’s bowling attack garners praises

Gautam Gambhir believes that the Virat Kohli-led side has the bowling attack to rattle the Australian batting line up. He says this includes Steve Smith and David Warner, who were serving ball-tampering bans in the previous series Down Under. 

That was particularly a rough series for Australia, as the lack of both the star players could be felt in the team. India is slated to tour Australia in November for a grueling four-Test series.

“Because India has got the bowling attack to rattle the Australian batting line-up even with David Warner and Steve Smith, but yeah, it’s going to be a different challenge than what it was last time around,” Gambhir states.

“So, you would want Virat Kohli to fire plus the bowlers as well because it’s the bowlers that will win you the Test matches.”

“Whether it was his (Kohli’s) first tour, whether it was second tour, this time around, obviously, he (Kohli) would be gearing up for it because it’s going to be a different challenge with David Warner and Steve Smith coming back into the Australian Test line-up,” he adds.