Gilchrist ranks Dhoni above player such as Sangakkara (Photo: Twitter @StarSportsIndia)

The attitude of the captain is of very much importance in the overall development and growth of the team. Whatsoever a captain emulates on the field, also translates to the players. Young players tend to come under the bracket of their captain. Eventually, the whole team follows the path and attitude set by the captain.

Former Australian wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist said he rates MS Dhoni above his contemporaries Kumar Sangakkara, Mark Boucher, and Brendon McCullum. This is a huge statement coming from Gilchrist. The ex-Aussie cricketer said Dhoni’s legacy outranks those of all other modern-day wicketkeepers. 

Praising the Indian, Gilchrist said that Dhoni has left a long-lasting impact on Indian cricket and even society by the way he has carried himself on the pitch. Dhoni’s attitude is something that has been talked about in the world of cricket quite often. His attitude is something which has been the reason behind his unique personality. India has achieved victory in many matches due to this habit only. 

“Look it has got to be Dhoni. My name is Gilly, not silly. I understand I’m talking to an Indian with a lot of Indian supporters. So, of course, Dhoni’s at the top, followed by Sangakkara and Brendon,” Gilchrist states.

“I have really loved watching his career develop. He came on the scene with this amazing 100 that just set everyone on loving him and following him and the style of cricket that he played. But just his rise to fame and fortune and to live up to expectations in a country like India that is so passionate about cricket. I think the way he handled himself was extraordinary.”

“His calmness on the field and the bit that I’ve observed and got to know him off the field it’s extraordinary. There is a lot to be admired there. His lasting legacy and impact on Indian cricket and society in India will be long-lasting.”