Hussey Claims That T20 World Cup Might Be A Logistical Nightmare

Former Australian cricketer thinks that inviting several teams for the tournament might lead to huge logistical failures

ICC is yet to give a decision on the exact timeline of events (Photo: Twitter @ICC)

COVID-19 has forced a lot of tournaments and tours to re-schedule for this year. The virus is contagious and robust, so much so that entire nations have been put on lockdown situations, causing a global pandemic. 

ICC has huge decisions to take within the upcoming few months. The much-awaited T20 World Cup, which was set to take place in 2020, stands in an uncertain position. With no cure or vaccine for the virus, the element of risk is still present. Chances of spread are still at a high, especially if players from various countries come together for the tournament. 

Given these facts, ICC has made their intentions clear that they will only host such an event with utmost preparedness. Authorities are working on all safety and health guidelines to ensure a smooth transition of events. However, there are a few doubts about the decision to host the world cup this year.

Former Australian Southpaw raises valid concerns

Former Australian batsman Michael Hussey is fearful of the prospect of Australia hosting the T20 World Cup in October-November. He says a 16-team event amid the raging COVID-19 pandemic could prove to be a logistical nightmare. This is a thought to be pondered upon, as the timeline of events does seem a bit dodgy and over-optimistic.

Cricket Australia itself has said that it is a bit “unrealistic” to stage the T20 World Cup as per schedule in the current circumstances but the ICC is yet to take a final call on the matter. Hussey too doesn’t see the showpiece event taking place this year. 

“I am fearful about the T20 World Cup, to be honest, and the reason for that is I think it is okay to bring out one team to play international cricket and get them to isolate and stay safe and prepare well for a series” he states.

“But having to bring several teams and getting them to isolate to prepare and then move around the country to different venues I think that will be a logistical nightmare. From what we are hearing perhaps the T20 World Cup will have to be postponed for 2021 or even 2022.”