pic credit: [email protected] Kohli

The star Indian skipper Virat Kohli who is currently playing for ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 at England, has faced an embarrassing situation here in India. This comes after the Gurugram Municipal Corporation has imposed a fine of Rs 500 for wasting drinking water on washing cars.


The staff working at Kohli’s Gurugram residence were caught using drinking water for washing his six expensive cars, which also include his 2 big SUVs. The staffers wasted around 1000 litres of drinking water while cleaning his cars which cannot be accepted in a city like Delhi-NCR where the temperature is heating up day by day and people face a shortage of water and electricity frequently. When the Municipality team came to know about the wastage, they immediately visited Virat’s place and found many workers including the driver of the cricketer are washing cars with filtered water. Along with Virat Kohli’s residence, 10 more houses in the locality fined for this punishable offence.

The most shocking thing which was revealed out after hyping the issue was that the domestic helpers in Kohli’s residence were not doing such punishable offence for the first time as the workers have done it many times earlier in the past but nobody paid attention towards the problem seriously.

In order to create awareness about drinking water among the general public Municipal Corporation has also rolled out the campaign for not wasting water but still, the well educated or high-end professionals were caught many times for violating such rules and regulations.

It is very appalling that tonnes of pure water has been wasted like this by such people and they don’t even regret what they have done. Fining Rs 500 just does not matter for them which is clearly shameful and embarrassing in this modern age era. The small amount of fine just let go off by the staffers very easily which considers this not less than crime by Gurugram Municipality.

Moreover, Virat Kohli-led 15 men Indian World Cup squad had experienced a great start at the beginning of their campaign as they defeated South African team by six wickets after chasing down the target of 228 runs very easily. Currently, the blues are gearing up for their next battle against defending champion Australia on June 9 at The Oval Stadium.