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After a week of Ashwin’s mankading incident, Jos Buttler broke his silence and called for clarity in the laws of game. The 28-year-old English cricketer faced a downfall in his momentum after the abrupt dismissal by Ashwin. Jos Buttler said on the development,”of course, a ‘Mankading’ has to be in the laws of the game, because a batsman can’t just run halfway down the pitch trying to get a headstart”.

As per the law of the game, if a non-striker batsman is outside the crease at the time when a bowler would “normally” be expected to release the ball, then it is within the rules to run him out and Buttler called for this law to be clarified.

The Skipper of Kings XI Punjab, Ravichandran Ashwin mankaded Royals’ opener Jos Buttler who was going hard on opponents with 69 off 43 balls while chasing the target of 185 runs in IPL 2019 on March 25. At the time of 13th over in a nail-biting match, Punjab’s captain paused before delivering a ball and suddenly took the bails off without giving any warning to Buttler. After this Rajasthan Royal’s star batsman became furious on the field as he didn’t like Ashwin’s style of getting him out. The incident created a havoc in IPL cricket industry and social media.

The hard-hitting England cricketer was also a victim of same kind of unusual dismissal in the international cricket tournament against Sri Lanka at Edgbaston in 2014. Buttler seems to be in a very bad form after the controversy as he scored only few runs in his subsequent matches but after the recent face off against Royal Challengers Bangalore he came back with the bang when he smashed 59 runs off 43 balls.
Though the cricket lawmakers condemned the act by saying it against the spirit of the game.