All 8 captains of respective teams for IPL 2020 (pic source: @IPL instagram)

The 13th edition of the Indian Premier League is currently taking place in full swing at the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The fans have witnessed a terrific play of the game in this tournament with many close games taking place in the first ten days of the edition.

In the middle of the cash-rich league, BCCI Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) chief Ajit Singh has revealed bookies’ presence at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who have failed to make any headway. During a recent chat with ANI, the ACU chief disclosed that it has come to their team’s notice.

“There are bookies who have made their way to Dubai, but they have not been able to make any headway. So far, it is all smooth, and things are working in order. We have been working closely with not just the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB), but also the local police and they have been very helpful,” said Singh.

Separate teams working round the clock

The ACU chief also confirmed that they have three separate teams for the three venues. They all are working in sync with the local police, Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) and the Indian police authorities.

“We have three separate teams that are working around the three venues and tracking things. We are in touch with the local police and the ECB. They are helping us and have a better liaison with the local authorities and are helping us whenever needed. We are also getting reports of police back in India tracking down betting activities which happen every time,” he added.

“See, while the number of venues is less, the hurdles of physical movement due to the coronavirus pandemic also means that approaches if any will be made through social media. So, we are going to be closely monitoring the same and ensuring that there is nothing that escapes the team’s eyes,” he concluded.

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