Carlos Brathwaite
West Indies all-rounder Brathwaite says, 'The biggest change needs to be legislative' on racism on the basis of color. (source: @bbctms twitter handle)

West Indies all-rounder Carlos Brathwaite says, players taking a knee in support of ‘Black Lives Matter’ moment is just a show-off. Some strong laws should be made to end this discriminatory practice in society. A few weeks back black American George Floyd was killed in police custody, after which there was a wave of protests all over the world. Sportspersons also joined the moment and it has become a ritual to take a knee before the start of any match.

West Indies will play a test series with England starting from 8th of July, a total of 3 test matches will be played. After a gap of 3 months, cricket matches are resuming. All players from both the teams will wear t-shirts with a symbol of ‘Black Live Matter’ in support of the moment. 

Change in the mindset of people is necessary 

Brathwaite in a show recently said, “Taking a knee in isolation or wearing a badge in isolation is not enough, it is the reprogramming and reconfiguring of the mindset. Showed the wider world they are aware of what’s happening in society”. 

“The biggest change needs to be legislative and needs to be the reprogramming of the wider society,” he added.

People still think that a person with a darker skin tone is not right

Brathwaite said, “Why is it that we go on a plane and see someone with a massive beard and we think, terrorists? When we see a black guy in the supermarket we automatically think he will shoplift, and as a result, have the guards trail him? That is a bigger discussion – how we reprogram our mindsets around those sorts of thoughts is a bigger discussion than just taking a knee.”

Brathwaite welcomed the emergence of Jofra Archer

Windies all-rounder also talked about Jofra Archer and praised he has provided a pathway for other people. He said, “There’s been talk in the media about the marginalization of the black cricketer in England. A black player spearheaded that charge and was there at the most important moment to execute and bring the cup home.”

He added, “His success now provides a pathway for another Jofra Archer and another Jofra Archer.”