Manjrekar writes to BCCI in a string of letters (Photo: Twitter @sanjaymanjrekar)

Commentary has become a very important part of any sport. It is a vital part of any match now as we know it. Earlier, it was the only medium through which people would connect to the game. Since there were no televisions or live streaming, the audio was the only way people could get experience in the match. 

However, there are also a lot of problems which commentators face, especially in our country. Cricketers are seen as godly figures and idols in our country. Since the game of cricket is so loved in our nation, it also translates in love for our players representing the country. 

Long-lasting conflict with the Indian cricket board

Five months after he was removed from the BCCI commentary panel, former cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar has written to Board president Sourav Ganguly and other members of the Apex Council explaining his position and offering to apologize “if I have offended anyone.”

“You are already in receipt of the email I sent to explain my position as a commentator. With the IPL dates announced, will pick its commentary panel soon. I will be happy to work as per the guidelines laid by you. After all, we are working on what is essentially your production. Last time, maybe there was not enough clarity on this issue,” he writes. 

It is being speculated that Manjrekar was removed from the panel as a result of his comment calling Ravindra Jadeja. He called him a “bits-and-pieces player” during last year’s ODI World Cup. There were subsequent reactions from fans and the player himself was an important trigger in him losing his job. In his first mail to Board officials, Manjrekar also flagged the perils of being a commentator in these times. 

“If we are not seen praising the iconic players all the time, the fans of those players tend to assume that we are antagonistic towards the players they worship.”

“Anyone who has followed my career as a commentator would know that I have no malicious agenda against anyone and that my opinions come from a very pure place that I hold sacred. Its cricket we are talking about, a sport that’s given me and my father so much” Manjrekar states.