Stead opens up about relationship with Williamson (Photo: Twitter @BLACKCAPS)

People often accuse sports of dwelling into inter-politics all across the globe. There are still many instances where coaching staff and board promote certain players over others, irrespective of the game or talent. Sometimes, it even leads to backlash. 

However, some decisions may look like this scenario but isn’t true. There are some decisions, which may show their benefits in the long term. This may upset fans and even some experts, however, such steps are controversial. This requires coaches who are firm and can stand behind the decisions. Only such leaders and coaches can help in the growth and development of the team.

Choosing the correct captain for the team is a critical decision, in which the coach plays an important part. The captain of the team can make or break the team. 

Stead opens up on his relationship with Williamson

New Zealand coach Gary Stead dismisses speculations that he had tried to remove Kane Williamson from Test captaincy, saying “there is no truth” in them and his relationship with the skipper remains “strong”.

Following New Zealand’s 0-3 defeat at the hands of Australia earlier this year, rumors surfaced that Stead preferred left-handed batsman Tom Latham for Test captaincy over incumbent Williamson.

“There’s no truth to it, we certainly had no conversations around that sort of thing,” Stead states as he opens up about the issue. 

“At this stage, Kane’s our man. He’s the guy we’ve backed, he’s been a great leader for this team and I’m sure he will be in the future as well. I like him as a bloke, like what he stands for. He’s a very values-based person and he adds a hell of a lot to the team.”

Stead, however, conceded that he and Williamson are “philosophically different”.

“I think I probably have philosophical differences with every single person in the team at different times, and that’s just about me being a human being and him being a human being.”