Dravid holds the position of head in the National Cricket Association (NCA) (Photo: Twitter @BCCI)

All sporting teams tend to hire/appoint ex-players or professional expertise to handle the management of the team. It is a very old and useful tactic which is being adopted for a long time. 

This is a practice that is only fair as it allows players to interact with senior players and experts with all due respect. They get the structural advice required for the team to perform at the best level possible. 

Use the expertise of former players as much as possible in the state teams’ cricketing set-up was one of the notable suggestions by NCA head Rahul Dravid. While interacting with members, he stated how he feels valuable expertise should not be wasted. 

Secretaries and cricket operations heads of various state units joined a webinar which was attended by Dravid, BCCI-NCA head of Education Sujith Somasundar, and trainer Ashish Kaushik.

While the discussions were primarily on various components of fitness data collection and resumption of fitness training in COVID-19 world, Dravid enlightened the administrators with various situations and effective ways of troubleshooting mechanisms. 

“Rahul never said that it is a mandatory thing but his suggestion to states was that we should try and use former players in their area of expertise,” a secretary of one of the state units tells to PTI.

“If they can be integrated in the cricketing set-up, their experience and expertise will not go waste. We think that various methods will have to be adopted in these times. Virtual training will be the way forward,” they state. 

“In current circumstances, it will be difficult that 25 or 30 players will be training together. So state team’s trainers and phsyios will have to help players virtually and phase wise a few can come and train physically.”

“They suggested that state team phsyios should try and collate as much as diverse physical data with regards to player so that it helps in future during rehabilitation programmes,” he concludes.