Mushtaq states how letting such a player go without a proper farewell is a big loss to BCCI (Photo:

It has been widely discussed how some players do not get a fair retirement. Many former players and fans of the game have come out openly and stated how they did not receive a fair treatment towards the end of their careers. 

With that being said, one must realize that these arguments are based on the personal opinions of players. This may be due to various reasons; however, it does leave a big impact on the overall eco-systems and players as well. 

Since the game is so competitive and youngsters are improving their levels every time, it is tough to be competitive after a particular age. However, there have been voices raised about how some players were forced into retirement. 

Saqlain Mushtaq, the former Pakistan spinner, expressed his discontentment over the treatment of MS Dhoni after the former India captain retired without playing a farewell game for the country.

“I think everyone who loves MS Dhoni will have one complaint. If he wore India’s kit, with gloves on and holding the bat, and taken the gloves off, and his cap off with respect one last time, then it would have been great. It is BCCI’s loss that they did not treat such a big player the right way.”

“This is not how he should have retired. I can say with surety that crores of his fans and cricket lovers would also agree that BCCI did not treat him right,” states the former spinner. 

“I’m really sorry to BCCI for saying this, but I am also hurt. Such a big player and he is retiring like this. I think every cricketer has a dream to exit on a high, and I am sure MS Dhoni too would have had the same dream.”