Watson recalls how his sledging had negative impacts on that day (Photo: Twitter @ShaneRWatson33)

Sledging is that part of cricket that never leaves the game. It is a common trait in all teams now. Some teams do take it more roughly than others, however, it is still something that is not banned. It is discouraged by the umpires. 

We see how sledging can influence the player which is being sledged. Any sport is not the only player physically, but also mentally at the same time. Players are so battling the mental aspects of each other to win. Everyone who follows the game very well knows how easily sledging can backfire. 

A fine example of this would be the case of Yuvraj Singh and Andrew Flintoff. Flintoff started hurling abuses and sledges at the then Indian southpaw before the over began. He did so in hopes of Singh making a mistake and England getting an important wicket. However, the converse took place. Yuvraj Singh used the aggression to hit the next bowler of 6 sixes in an over and made history that day. 

Former Australian player has his fair share of regrets

Shane Watson, recalling the 2015 World Cup showdown he had with Wahab Riaz, said it had been silly of him to sledge the Pakistan bowler. He said he did not know then that Riaz could bowl as fast after being fired up by his sledge that day.

“Wahab Riaz went absolutely crazy, bouncing the living daylights out of me, he bowled super accurate and he kept bouncing me,” Watson states.

“It was very silly and naive of me that I didn’t realize that Wahab Riaz could bowl that fast. I said something to him – because he kept playing and missing Mitchell Starc – so I ran past him and said, ‘Have you got a hole in your bat? Because you just keep missing the ball.’ “And again, I didn’t realize he could bowl that fast so once I got out there, I got peppered.”