Sports Grasp
Sports Grasp

Sometimes, prior decisions can lead to failure or undesired results. It may be due to external factors or unwanted factors, however, it can still have implications.

There are a few times when a couple of events can clash and there can be scheduling issues. Players are left in individual capacities to choose whichever event they want to take part in. However, such players are responsible to deal with the consequences on their own.

Mitchell Starc doesn’t regret giving the IPL a miss this year. He states how he is comfortable training for the upcoming summer season. Starc had pulled out of the lucrative T20 event to focus on the T20 World Cup in Australia. However, it was postponed last month due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I know hindsight is a wonderful thing and now the IPL is on at a different time but no, I wouldn’t change it,” states the 30-year old.

“I’m happy to spend that time when the blokes are at the IPL in September I’ll be getting ready for a summer. The IPL will be around next year and if I feel the urge or people want me around I’ll definitely consider it, but as of this year I’m very comfortable with the decisions I’ve made.”

“It’s still very much up in the air which is the way of the world at the moment. It’s changing day by day. We’re having weekly meetings about the challenges of the tour and where this all sits. We’ve got another one on Thursday to see if there’s any progressions on that,” he says.

“All the players are preparing to play and planning to go. It’s now up to Cricket Australia and the government on both sides as to whether we jump on that plane. In terms of the cricket, we’ll just get ready for the series.”