Graeme Smith
Former South Africa captain Graeme Smith speaks up about Sourav Ganguly. (source: @GraemeSmith49 twitter handle)

Former South Africa captain Graeme Smith praises Sourav Ganguly for bringing the changes in the Indian cricket team. He also said no one should ever poke Ganguly and if you do so be ready for the consequences.

Smith says Ganguly is very calm and approachable 

 Smith said on the Cricket Connected Show on Star Sports, You knew if you poked Dada, you were going to get something back always. “I have spent a fair amount of time with Dada now. Particularly in administration now, we are having a number of conversations over the telephone. He is always calm and approachable, always interested in a good conversation.”

Smith recalled India’s Natwest series win against England in 2002 Lords

It’s been 18 years since India defeated England in 2002 Lords Natwest series, where Sourav Ganguly removed his t-shirt. On this Smith said, “I think all of us remember that celebration, it was a beautiful sightseeing Dada. More than anything besides the humor of it all, it was the passion that he showed in celebration. It showed how much India winning meant to him and to overcome the challenge of winning the NatWest Trophy in England, to win away from home, driving Indian cricket forward. I think that shot epitomizes everything we have discussed today. But I do have a chuckle every time I see it now. Also, Dada was running short on the hair side on those days, so it is a very humorous shot. But from a passion perspective, that speaks volumes about Dada.”

We had one or two moments when we were at each other a little bit, says former South Africa captain

Smith was made captain of the South African national cricket team at the age of 22 in the year 2003. There were only a few cases when the two went at each other. Smith when asked if Ganguly ever made his wait at the toss said, “No, he didn’t. We had one or two moments when we were at each other a little bit. I was quite feisty in my youth as a captain and certainly, we know that Dada never backed away.