Speaking ahead of Sunday’s clash against Manchester United, Mikel Arteta said that his team was missing the energy of their fans.

The Spaniard, in the press conference leading up to the visit to Old Trafford, said, “When you are trying to build a new project there is something you need, and that is your people and your crowd.

“If not, you are unable to generate that synergy, that cohesion, that unity within them so they feel they belong to what we are trying to do – that they feel united, they feel close.


“It is really difficult and we are now suffering when they are not in the stadium because I really want to see them closely. Not on TV but really closely, what the team is trying to do. What the players are putting in so they can feel that connection with them.

“They will then be really participating in what we are trying to do and that is a really powerful thing.

“There are a few examples in this country of how important that is when you are trying to build something.”

Arsenal have not won at Old Trafford since 2006

Arteta was optimistic that his side is on the right trajectory. “I want to believe we’re getting closer to getting the win there,” he said.

“For sure our mindset is going to be to go there and win the game. That’s the approach that we’re going to have and the game-plan we’re going to put in place to go there on Sunday.”