The Arsenal boss has again voiced his concern for player welfare in what is one of the most congested Premier League campaigns.

The Premier League campaign, which is normally contested for nine months will be contested within eight this season. Not only that, but the international break will also feature one more game.

Arteta is not a fan of the three subs rule in this unique football ecosystem. The young Spanish coach confirmed that Thomas Partey has been ruled out for the weekend clash against Leeds United.

“We knew it was a significant injury. He’s done very well and he’s working very hard, he wants to be available,” Arteta told reporters.

“Hopefully we can get him back soon but it’s an area where we need to be careful and we need to be protective with the player.”
He then voiced his concern about player welfare. “We have to protect (players) as much as possible, they are the protagonists in this industry,” the Spanish manager said.

“We have to modify the rules and make them a little more flexible to give them a better opportunity to be fit, physically, and mentally. Let’s just do it, please.”