Virgil Van Djik
Virgil Van Djik turns 29, let's take a look why his in one of the greatest defenders of all time.(source: @VirgilvDijk twitter handle)

Dutch defender Virgil Van Dijk turns 29. He plays for the English club Liverpool as a center back. It took a long time to discover the potential of Van Djik, he is one of the best defenders in the English Premier League, he is often compared to Spain’s Sergio Ramos when it comes to defending skills. His potential and talent were discovered when Klopp bought him from Southampton in 2018. He was signed for a reported fee of 75 million pounds, rival clubs, and fans of rival clubs at that time made a joke of this transfer as people though 75 million pounds for a defender from Southampton is a foolish act. But later on, he showed his worth and today he is regarded as one of the best defenders in the world, thanks to Liverpool manager Klopp who discovered this talent.

A Liverpool fan created a thread on ‘Why Virgil Van Dijk Is The Greatest Defender Of All Time’ 

Van Dijk has added few major honors to his cabinet which includes, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, even he got into top three of Ballon D’Or 2019 and even beat Cristiano Ronaldo and came 2nd.

A fan has created a thread on Van Djik let’s have a look at some of the points from that thread.

  • “There’s not an attribute Virgil lacks which is needed in a defender and add to that he’s the best in most of these attributes and one of the best in a few. Some attributes that great CBS lacked: Maldini – Physique. Ramos – Discipline. Pique – Pace. Nesta – Physique. Terry – Pace.”
  • “Every single attribute of his is outstanding, his defensive technique is out of this world, he can score goals, he can pass the ball well, he’s quick and above all that he is built like an NBA player. If you combined every great CB you have Virgil.”
  • “Virgil was the first defender since Cannavaro to challenge for the Ballon d’Or and he had a fair case for winning it. He won the Champions League, was the UEFA Player of the Year, and was the Premier Player of the Year (first defender since John Terry) along with numerous awards.”
  • “His composure is his best attribute for me. I have never seen a defender this composed on the ball and in 1v1 situations. He barely ever breaks into a sweat and when you watch him it’s almost like he isn’t trying.”
  • “His heatmap vs Crystal Palace is practically that of a defensive midfielder. Playing in a high line is one thing but this is insanity. Not a lot of center backs are comfortable playing this high.”
    • “At the end of the day it all boils down to preference, I have provided my point for why I think that Virgil is the greatest and you can disagree with it, I have no problem but he really should be considered among the greats IMO.”

Are you convinced enough that he is on the greatest defenders of all time?