Emiliano Sala
Emiliano Sala

Cardiff City are 18th in the table and have matches against the top 6 coming up. To add to their attacking power, they signed Emiliano Sala from Nantes. However, Sala was on the flight from Nantes, France to Cardiff, Wales to meet his new team-mates and staff after agreeing to a Cardiff record 15 million euro move to bang goals in and save Cardiff from relegation. However, the plane has been missing for a day now and hasn’t been located by GPS yet. Sala was aboard a mini plane for his flight across the English Channel. He message his close family and friends on WhatsApp about the trouble he was going through:

“Hello, little brothers, how are you crazy people? Brother, I’m really tired, I was here in Nantes doing things, things, things, things and things, and it never stops, it never stops, it never stops.I’m here on a plane that looks like it’s about to fall apart, and I’m going to Cardiff, crazy, tomorrow we already start, and in the afternoon we start training, boys, in my new team.”

A message late read out-

“How are you guys, all good? If you do not have any more news from in an hour and a half, I don’t know if they need to send someone to find me… I am getting scared!”

It has been more than 24 hours now and both the French and English have sent teams to find the missing plane. Fans have already started paying tribute to the presumed ‘dead’ Sala outside both Cardiff’s and Nante’s stadium.  The Argentinian was in red-hot form in Nantes scoring 15 times this season. Known for his pace and height as an attacker, he attracted various clubs from around Europe. 3 days ago, he met with the Cardiff owner and manager, and agrees to sign. He came back to Nantes to say bye to his mates, however he has now maybe said bye to the world.

The Blue Birds are devastated. The silver lining in their dark cloud has disappeared. This is news that football fans don’t like to hear, but it is news that unites us all. We, at Sportsgrasp, pay respect to Emiliano Sala’s career and hope he is found soon.

For Cardiff, the season just got a lot tougher. They need inspiration and motivation from their staff, they need to take the next step, they need to boost their game, they need to climb up the table.