Ian Wright on his ‘Wrighty’s House’ podcast said that, at the current moment, he would love to feature for the Claret and Blue.

The Arsenal legend further said that he would prefer Aston Villa ahead of Man City or Liverpool because he will get the “freedom to play.”

“If I had to choose somebody right now, it’s really weird. I don’t know if I could play for City or Liverpool.”

He continued, “I’d probably want to play for Aston Villa at this moment because of Jack Grealish and Ross Barkley. Only because of the work-rate, you have to do there – it’s not enough just to be up there for Pep.”

Wright has been working on his podcast for the past few weeks. @ianwright/Twitter

I need freedom. I need that freedom. Villa are a team now… if they were walking down the street, they’d be wearing the coolest trainers, the coolest trousers.”

I am getting a ‘Leicester vibe’ from Villa: Wright

“I’m desperate for the fans to get back in there for Villa right now. I’ve said already, I’m getting a Leicester vibe. Nearly going down, coming next season and in a Premier League season where I can’t tell you who is going to be top-three, top-four because everything is so inconsistent and chaotic right now.”

I’d love Villa to just have a blast, Everton to just have a blast (this season in the Premier League).”