Man United.

It certainly isn’t pleasant at Manchester United, 6th in table and 17 points off their next-door neighbors. Also, their most expensive and perhaps the best player is left out in the substitutions after a promising start to the season as captain. So, it comes to question whether it is the manager- Jose Mourinho- at fault or the players underperforming?


Mourinho’s reputation as a manager is filled both with respect and surprise. You never know what team he can bring out. Winning the champions league 3 times with 3 different teams is remarkable but getting sacked after winning the premier league twice is weird. Mourinho’s players perform very vastly each season. Diego Costa was the best striker in one season, while mediocre in the other. Jose changes his tactics each season, thus unpredictable. This season, in my opinion, isn’t his. Lukaku hasn’t been given the right strategies by the manager and coaching staff- when to shoot, to pass, to stay back. He seems confused on the pitch, just like all the other Red Devil. Sacking Mourinho would be a big mistake, the United fans already have a bad history with bringing in new managers- David Moyes. Bringing in a new manager, giving him time to implement his tactics would create more stress around Old Trafford. It is safe to say that Manchester United are the Arsenal of a year before- performing bad, annoyed with the manager, but could do nothing but protest. The relationship between Ed Woodward and Jose comes to question. Jose requested him for a new experienced defender but got Diogo Dalot in return. We simply can’t blame Jose.

I am more towards the side that the players are under-performing. Regular first-team players like Pogba and Mata have really let the side down. De Gea, too, has already conceded more goals than last season. Lingard and Lukaku never seem to shine. The players need to start playing for the badge on their shirt, not for the money. Alexis earns 2 million pounds a month, but… doesn’t play. There need to be changes made at Old Trafford, however, a change in manager isn’t the answer. A change in the backroom staff to complement the manager and players is needed. A little trust in Jose is needed by the fans, by the players, by the world.

However, we have just received some alarming news, Mourinho has been sacked and Micheal Carrick is the interim manager for the rest of the season.
Absolutely Shocking!