In a game that was due to be played on 5th October 2020, Napoli never showed up at Juventus Stadium due to two positive tests.

After the game against Genoa, where 22 people tested positive, Napoli in the test which was conducted after the game, came up with two positive cases.

The local health authority then advised Napoli not to travel to Turin for their match against the Bianconeri. But Juve were not aware of the situation and thus named their starting eleven. The team even started the warm-up when they came to know about the situation.

Gattuso would not be pleased with the league’s decision. @napoli/Twitter

The argument on the verdict was that Seria A has its own protocols and there wasn’t a good reason for Napoli to miss the game. Whereas, on the other hand, Napoli has stated the confusion about who to follow for cases like this since the Serie A and the local health authority gave different instructions, as Covid-19 continues to ravage through the country.

It is a decision which has attracted a lot of eyeballs. Many people have criticized the league’s decision harsh decision to grant Juventus three goals and three points whereas deducting one point from Napoli’s tally.

Napoli are now believed to counter the decision.