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Legendary English footballer Lily Parr who sadly past away in 1978 has become the first-ever female footballer to be honoured with a statue at the National Football Museum in United Kingdom (UK). The statue of millennium personality Parr will be unveiled at Manchester in June 2019.

The Mars and Brand Director Gemma Buggins who commissioned the statue on her name said while unveiling sculpture of veteran lady,”Lily Parr was the heroine of her time in the sporting world. It’s an honour to be able to recognise her and commemorate the inspirational woman that she was”. Further he also added, “with England’s Lionesses preparing for this summer’s tournament, we hope the unveiling of the first ever female footballer statue spurs them on and gives them the motivation to go all the way!”.

Check out the brand new sculpture of Lily Parr creating by Hannah Stewart:

The brilliant football winger who was initially not allowed to play men-oriented game football became the only woman in English Football Hall of Fame in 2002 . The six feet tall footballer emerged as a top-notch player for Dick, Kerr’s women’s team was founded in 1917 in Preston, Lancashire right after the World War I.

Perr has truly deserved the immense respect. She became the first-ever woman to enter the Football Hall of Fame in the era when male-domination in sports was at its peak and taking such a brave step was not less than any big achievement. This resulted in bestowing the courageous personality with a statue.

Earlier in 1920, Perr performed in the first ever recognized women’s international football tournament which was played between England and France at London. The Dick, Kerr’s ladies team got the chance to represent national football team of England in the tournament in which they bagged a 2-0 win.

After having such an immense career stint in football, she died at the age of 73 due to breast cancer in 1978. Perr’s death left everyone in shock after which contemporary Scotland international player Bobby Walker described her as an inspiring personaliity by saying “Lily Parr is best natural timer of a football I have ever seen”.