Liverpool Vs Everton. (Photo: Twitter@LFC)
Liverpool Vs Everton. (Photo: [email protected])

Merseyside is divided into red and blue with a historical derby with great history. Liverpool face Everton, looking to close the gap at the top to 2 points. There was all to fight for, Everton would climb above Manchester United. The city of Liverpool was divided into 2, yet there could only be 1 winner.

The match began and Liverpool were on the front foot. The magical front 3 of Firmino, Mane, and Salah were rocketing shots towards Pickford, but the Toffees’ keeper matched. Xherdan Shaqiri came closer for the home side but Pickford saved that too. Liverpool were frustrated and Everton rose to the occasion. Bringing their 6 feet tall defenders for set-pieces, Everton had major chances to score, but the fierce Allison saved them all. The match was even-Stephens at half-time and both the keepers were the heroes at half-time.

Both the teams came determined in the 2nd half to win the game with attack after attack, but both the teams had no cigar. The managers introduced their substitutions and the match did change with Liverpool and Everton bringing on quality forwards with variegated skills. The teams were getting tired and Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool Manager, threw his last dice. He brought on Divock Origi, returning from a loan spell in Germany. In extra- time Liverpool had a corner, captain Virgil Van Dijk headed towards goal with Divock Origi only needing to slot it from 2 yards out, however, he banged the pole. Anfield was frustrated but he didn’t put his head down. 94 minutes played and Trent Alexander Arnold floats a ball from half-line. Virgil receives the ball outside the penalty area but fluffs his lines. However the lofted shot hit the upper bar not once, but twice and Pickford was left strangled. Origi pounced and Anfield went wild. The man who was injured in this fixture 2 years ago, scored the winner. Merseyside was red.

Call it beginner’s luck, call it Origi carrying a 6th sense or whatever. The man won Liverpool’s hearts and Everton’s nightmare. There is something about the Liverpool team this year- Even when they aren’t at their best, they find a way- may it be bizarre or tactical- to win.