Paul Pogba
Photo: Twitter @paulpogba

On Saturday night Manchester United beat West Ham United 2-1 in a thrilling contest to concrete their position in Premier League points table.

However, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer felt that West Ham were the better team on as the Red Devils edged past them with two penalties netted by their star midfielder Paul Pogba.

In the 49th minute, West Ham’s Fillepe Anderson struck a close-range shot for the equalizer which saw the visitors take charge of the game with continuous attacking chances but the penalty in the end stage changed the course of the game and United came on top.

“Sometimes you get more than you deserve and today is one of them. Watford [a 2-1 home win last month] last time was one of them.

“But then again, Arsenal and Watford – the two away games we’ve lost – we should have won. So it evens itself out in the long run,” Ole said.

Solskjaer took a humorous jibe on his own team regarding the Barcelona clash next week.

“Luckily it wasn’t Barcelona on the other side but West Ham played well, played better than us, created chances.”

The two penalties Pogba took, he didn’t take a usual pause which he generally takes every time during penalty run and Solskjaer was impressed with his new techniques.

“It’s up to him, he’s practicing penalties. He’s confident, he’s mentally very strong,” Solskjaer added.

“I like that way of running up to the ball and smashing it. The second one – the keeper went the right way – was a great penalty.”

Despite the two penalties, Pogba was not up to the mark in the game alongside his teammate Fred that led West Ham creating more chances in the second half. To which Solskjaer analyse the flaw in their game and said, “We were wide open defensively. We didn’t manage to press them and then we were wide open in midfield,” he explained.

“I thought Fred and Paul played well but they didn’t have the protection and we didn’t get to pressing.

“We need to look at that at home – manage to be braver in the pressing, step up from the back and spend more energy winning it higher up.

Manchester will next play Barcelona in the second tie of Champions League quarterfinal on Wednesday at Camp Nou.