MLS is back tournament (source: Major League Soccer twitter handle)

Major League Soccer is back, starting from the 8th of July it will be called ‘MLS is Back Tournament’. Matches will be played in the Orlando area. All 26 teams will take part in ‘MLS is Back Tournament’. Matches will be played at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.
The tournament will have a total of 54 matches, which will be played in empty stadiums with no audience. The 25th or current season of MLS was halted due to coronavirus outbreak in the US.
MLS commissioner Don Garber said in a recorded video, “When we first put together the tournament concept at Disney World, we just were very uncertain about when we’d be able to return to our stadiums in our home market and thought ‘Why don’t we get them all together, get our teams, 26 teams together in one neutral site, play games every day, get our players back on the field for our fans,
He added, “But very importantly doing it with games of consequence, so a total prize pool of (US)$1 million… All of this is our best foot forward to do what we can in an exciting, compelling, and meaningful way to return to play for 2020.”
According to Garber Disney has the infrastructure to hold a capacity of around 2000 players and staff members.
All players and team members will undergo COVID’19 testing on a regular basis. If anyone is tested positive he will be removed from the tournament with immediate effect. According to Garber, anyone who had contact with them will be tested “very very regularly.”
Clubs will arrive at Orlando on the 24th of June for pre-season training. All teams will play three group stage matches, the top will be promoted to the round of 16.
The tournament dates are as follows.
June 24: Teams begin arriving in Florida.
July 8: “MLS is Back Tournament” group stage begins.
July 25-28: Round-of-16.
July 30- Aug. 1: Quarterfinals.
Aug. 5-6: Semifinals.
Aug. 11: “MLS is Back Tournament” final.