Tottenham Hotspurs manager aims high. (source :Tottenham Hotspurs twitter handle)

Jose Mourinho Tottenham Hotspurs manager says that team needs to do better than the previous 9 games to seal a spot in next year’s UCL. Tottenham got 16 points in their last 9 games in EPL. Currently, Spurs are at 5th position in EPL and they do have a chance to qualify for UCL by coming in the top 4 teams. Tonight Spurs will face Manchester United in a home fixture.

Mourinho said in an interview with Sky Sports News, “I don’t think a similar run to the first nine games will be enough,” Mourinho told Sky Sports News. It’s a difficult fight. I don’t think we can lose too many points unless our four or five direct opponents lose lots of points.”

Spurs didn’t perform up to the mark before the coronavirus break, maybe due to several injuries that the players suffered. According to Mourinho, the players have come closer to each other in this break. “It was a strange opportunity to be close to each other, and feel empathy. At that mental level, to be together, to feel together – it was nice,” said Mourinho.

He added “The players were phenomenal. We stayed together. The players were always working, we were always trying to give them something to minimize the problems of the lockdown, to feel connected with the club. From a mental point of view, the boys are fine. Of course, we love football, so we are so happy to play.”

He also had a word on the hottest topic going on, the racism he said that it is up to the players that if they want to kneel before the match in support of Black Live Matters. He said, “You don’t need to take a knee to be completely in solidarity with the movement. Your heart is much more important. The players must feel free to express themselves.”