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Sports Grasp

Football is a sport which is played in every country around the world, in Indian it has grown a lot in the past few years. But, still, Indian football stands nowhere around the European giants. There are many reasons behind it, lack of football grounds, lack of facilities, and many more such factors.

But as football is growing in India people are coming up with different ideas, an 18-year boy from Goa came up with an idea which is attracting everyone. Sanroy D’Sousa started with a player representation agency, Aquila Sports Management. He talked about his agency and the idea behind it in an interview with The Bridge.

What is the reason he decided to start an agency?

When he was asked about the reason to start the agency he said, “Football has been my passion from childhood. I follow Indian football as well as European and global football but Indian football has a special place in my heart.”

“I have been in this field for around two years, since then I have been in touch with many club officials and always looked to build a good rapport. I figured it would be the ideal time for me to start my own company to help young players establish themselves and step up the career ladder,” he added.

Sanroy first provided an Ahmedabad-based club with two-player from Dehradun

He started working with an Ahmedabad-based club and provided them with 2 players hailing from Dehradun, this was just the beginning. “Since then I started gaining more knowledge about the transfer system. More I learned about transfers, I got more confidence and it further sparked interest in me. Soon I realized many young players can be better directed to perform well on the field and eventually to achieve potential success. Motivated by thought promoting youngsters and confidence from my initial stints gave me the confidence to start this venture,” said the 18-year-old entrepreneur.

The most important factor in such ventures is winning trust: Sanroy

There are a lot of problems a young entrepreneur like Sanroy will face in initial times, but so far he has managed his studies and company together. “The most important factor in such ventures is winning trust — be it’s players or club officials. Once that is done, one can have a solid foundation. Adding to this, the support of your family and friends is crucial and I was lucky enough to have it. Coming towards the more technical aspects, it’s important that I had all basics covered. Many factors contribute to running an agency apart from just knowledge and contacts such as promotions, presentation skills, resources to do small important tasks, etc. Thankfully, I had chalked out a plan for the long term and I was able to execute it well,” said Sanroy

‘Aquila Sports Management’ will be to tap into young talents from Goa’s local football circuit 

As the craze of ISL is increasing in India more and more people are getting towards football. So here is how Sanroy’s company will assist ISL clubs. “It’s no wonder that ISL clubs are now starting to send their scouts to the GPL to watch the matches and try these players. I hope we’ll see many GPL players heading straight to the ISL in the coming years too. One of the primary motivations of ‘Aquila Sports Management’ will be to tap into young talents from Goa’s local football circuit and assist them in reaching higher heights in Indian football,” he concludes.