Chelsea have had a hard week. Criticism arose from all corners as they lost 2-0 from Arsenal. Particularly in the attacking areas where they couldn’t produce many chances due to the lack of a finisher. The false no.9 role wasn’t suited to Hazard’s style of play as he had minimal impact in the game. Giroud came on, but he didn’t have the pace to beat the Arsenal defense. Morata had been reported injured and couldn’t play. Sarri was disturbed with the lack of the attacking prowess and has decided to call upon his talisman at Napoli- Gonzalo Higuain.

But, the transfer will come at a cost. Morata would be transferring to Athletico Madrid to receive game time and new opportunities. Plus, his adaptability to the premier league certainly hasn’t been the best as he scored very few, missing sitters. Morata moving to Athletico would surely be controversial as he has played for Real before. Nonetheless, it isn’t guaranteed that the Spaniard would receive a playing 11 game spot without excellent performances in Madrid too with Diego Costa and Griezmann as the first choice. Morata is in his prime time as he is 26 years old and has to utilize is to the optimum. At Athletico Madrid, he may kick-start his career again, just like his time at Juventus 4 years ago.

Higuain would be a fantastic fit for Chelsea. He already has a guaranteed space available with Morata going to Madrid and Giroud as an impact substitute. Plus he already knows Sarriball well. He thrived under Sarri, becoming the Serie A top scorer at his time at Napoli. With Hazard on the left wing and Willian on the right, there will be plenty of chances for the Argentinian to score. He has reportedly not come to training at AC Milan for the past 3 days, which makes us believe that he is meeting his agent and representatives and coming to Chelsea.

Since Diego Costa’s departure, Chelsea have lacked an impeccable no.9. Will Higuain be the striker Chelsea need, or will he fail like Morata. Comment Below.