Poor performance streak leads to Celades being sacked from Valencia (Photo: Twitter @LaLigaEN)

It has been a decent amount of time since the inception of privatized leagues in sports. Many countries have also made their own leagues, and rightly so. May it be football, IPL, tennis, or any major sport; there is a short and robust format available for league based tournaments.

Coaching staff and management are also hired on a contract basis, generally for one season. This becomes the key element of the team, as this staff decides who will play which match. Such tournament-based leagues are dynamic in nature, hence the selection of the correct player(s) is of utmost importance. 

However, sometimes things do not tend to work as staff plans. There is always a high chance that the coaching staff and players do not gel with each other, leading to complications. Generally, by the time management realizes, it becomes too late to make further changes.

Celades journey ends at Valencia

Valencia has sacked Coach Albert Celades and appointed long-standing club servant Voro until the end of the season, the La Liga club states in an official statement released.

Sporting director Cesar Sanchez then announced his resignation shortly after Celades was dismissed, deepening the institutional crisis at one of Spain’s most prestigious clubs. This leads to a lot of speculation so as to how and when this crisis will solve.

According to sources, Sanchez decided to resign after telling the squad earlier on Monday that Celades would remain in charge for Wednesday’s game against Athletic Bilbao. This clearly indicates a long term issue between the Celades and the players/management.

Voro, a former Valencia player, steps into the position as a caretaker coach for the sixth time. Only time will tell if his re-entry in the team is beneficial or not. Hopes are high this time for Voro to deliver.