The American F1 racing team is not ruling out a potential all-rookie lineup for the 2021 season, Team Principal Guenther Steiner confirmed.

Until the 2019 season, Haas had a successful tenure in the F1. The team finished eighth in their debut and second campaign, and fifth in their third. But all has not gone to plan for the newcomers. The American team has finished second last in their previous two campaigns and now look set to finish in the same position, with only four races left.

The Team Principal informed the press that he’s not at all ruling away a potential all-rookie lineup. Speaking to the media, the Italian said,”“We haven’t decided to take two rookies.”

But I can easily talk you through my thoughts about rookies because we’ve discussed this, and the risks and opportunities with [two rookies].”

“I think there’s obviously risks that two rookies, they have nobody experienced to look at the data and stuff like this, they need to find out between them what is going on, and there is a risk that that goes wrong. But there are technical means [which we can use to] help them. But the pros are you can put them in the direction you want to put them, and then they grow with the team.”

The 55-year-old further told the media that choosing two rookies in the 2021 season would be better as they would get a whole year as a transition year before the change in regulations from 2022. “Next year is an interim year, so if we get two drivers, we do it now so that we get used to the drivers… and then in ’22, we’ll have them ready when the new regulations come.

“Because to put new drivers in ’22, for me it would have been a little bit risky because then you have to learn two things: a completely new car and new drivers.”