Former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard said that if Carlos Sainz is not able to match the performance of Charles Leclerc within six months, he will struggle to keep his place.

Earlier in the season, Carlos Sainz was announced by the Ferrari as their new driver. As a result, four times World Champion Sebastian Vettel moved to Aston Martin, currently known as Racing Point.

But the Spaniard’s entry won’t be a smooth sail. It has been a horrific season for Scuderia Ferrari. The team lies in a lowly sixth position, fighting against the likes of AlphaTauri and Racing Point.

People associate Ferrari with consistent top-two finishes. However, the story has been far from simple this season. There are many doubts regarding how the team will perform next season. Former McLaren driver Coulthard has expressed his doubts about their new driver Carlos Sainz.

“Charles already knows how everything works and he knows everyone. That gives him a head start. You’ll notice that on the track, especially in the beginning.”

“Carlos will have to perform right away to be able to withstand that. I’ll give him six months. If he’s not close to Charles’ level by then, I’m afraid his stay at Ferrari won’t be long,” the former Formula 1 driver said.

Whatever the case might be next season, Ferrari will boast of two excellent talents capable of winning a World Championship.