Much has been said about the Buddh International Circuit in India since it hosted three Grand Prix races between 2011 and 2013. Famously, Lewis Hamilton got criticized for his remarks about the country when the British race driver told BBC in 2018, “I’ve been to India before to a race which was strange because India was such a poor place yet we had this massive, beautiful Grand Prix track made in the middle of nowhere. I felt very conflicted when I went to that Grand Prix.”

Even though people have questioned the construction of an expensive race track in India when the funds could have been used elsewhere, Sebastian Vettel, the four-time World Champion had a different tale to tell. The German driver has a 100% record on the Indian home soil and in the recent video released by the official account of F1 on Twitter, he narrates a hilarious story.

Vettel switched to Ferrari from Red Bull in 2015. @scuderiaferrari/Twitter

During a virtual autograph session, when one fan asked him about his experience in India, he said, “Well, I have won every race there was so, I love it. We won the championship in 2013 and we had a little bit of a party in a bar and we had some drinks and I had too many and then I was driving back at some point in the morning to the airport and I was hungover, not feeling so good.”

“And I said to my driver, please don’t tell me I’m that drunk that there’s an elephant on the road. Then he said, ‘no-no there is really an elephant on the road.’ So this I will never forget, the elephant in the middle of the road. Only in India, yeah?”

It was indeed an amazing anecdote to share with the fans.