George Floyd
George Floyd

P.K. Subban defenseman of New Jersey Devils and Canadian National men’s hockey team donated a sum of 50,000 dollars to George Floyd’s daughter. He also asked everyone to come together against racial injustice faced by Blacks.

Now, who is George Floyd? What happened to him? Why are the people of the USA coming together for him? Let us find out.

George Floyd was a black American, who lost his life during an encounter with a policeman in the USA on 25th of May. He died in police custody, the policeman choked him to death, he brutally crushed his throat under his knee until he lost his breath and died. The policeman has been charged with second-degree murder, along with three more policemen who have been charged with provoking and aiding second-degree murder. Floyd’s murder has resulted in protests across the US.

Subban himself uploaded a video on Twitter asking people to come together for the cause and donate for the 6-year-old daughter of Floyd, a fundraising site named GoFundMe has been set up for the same. His main message through his one minute video was to urge people to come together against racial injustice. He also said “There needs to be justice. Justice has to happen. Change needs to come. But we need everyone. We need everyone and all people to look at our lives and see where we can help that change and do our part. I am committed to that through and through.” His message was that there is a need to change the narrative a need to change the thinking and there should be justice for everyone no matter black, white, male, female justice should be served.

Blake Wheeler, captain of Winnipeg jets came in support of Subban saying that we all are together in this movement, this is not only for blacks but everyone needs to come together for this. Besides him, many other NHL players like Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, and many such players came in support of blacks.

Video of protest for George Floyd: