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Sports Grasp

Indian hockey player Surender Kumar was one of the six hockey players to test positive for the Covid-19 on August 7. Defender Surender Kumar spent 10 days in the hospital and then returned to SAI, South Centre, and got readmitted three days later.
The 26-year-old developed venous thrombosis. It is the condition in which there are blood clots. After recovering from the virus, Surender has resumed sporting activities.
Surender Kumar has made a whopping 133 appearances for India. He was also part of the national squad that had participated in the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio, Brazil.
Surender Kumar was talking about the time when he had tested positive for the virus, he had said that it was a tough phase. He thought in his first few days, why him? He also said that Hockey India and SAI were supportive and ensured that they had the best facilities while battling the virus.
Even during his time at the hospital, he kept spending time analyzing his game. He said that when he watched good matches I gave him confidence. He closely watched the games to help him become a better player.
He was very excited to get back on the pitch. He said that he took about 2-3 days to adjust. There were times that his heart rate would go up which was because of the long break. He also stated that a lot had changed in terms of training. The team goes on the pitch in smaller groups, which meant more space to move around.
Surender stated that he wants to work on his tackling and hitting. He was looking forward to competing again, but for that would have to wait until next year.