Sivalingam achieved a Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games, 2018 (Photo: Twitter @imsatisholy)

Weightlifting is one of the most prestigious sports around the globe. It is also a sport played at the Olympics, where players perform the clean and jerk exercise, to see who lifts the maximum weight. It requires players to be mentally and physically fit. 

Weightlifting requires years of training and practice. Muscle memory needs to be built over the years. Unlike some other sports, the technique here holds the utmost importance. If a player doesn’t have the correct posture and technique, a major injury will be inevitable.

Sometimes, some players face injuries throughout their careers which leads them to not perform at their true potential. So much so that players might have to leave their category in a few cases. Hence, players need to maintain a proper routine and work ethic to survive in this sport.

Sivalingam hopes to recover in this lockdown

India’s star weightlifter, Sathish Sivalingam has been a top performer for the country. He has been suffering from a back injury for the past two years, which was visible in his previous performances. This is coupled with his thigh injury, which came in the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games.

This COVID-19 pandemic has come as a blessing for the player, as now he has time to rest and spend time with his family. This can help him to recover as time lapses, and allow him to reach his true potential. 

“I am doing my warm-up exercises in my room. Since I can’t go out and also don’t want to take risks because of the pandemic. It is better to stay home and remain fit” states Sivalingam.

“I have had back issues for three years now. I am doing some exercises to recover as soon as possible. The lockdown gave me time to focus on my back. My aim is to get rid of my back problem immediately.” 

Hopes are high for the Indian weightlifter to perform in the Tokyo Games. We wish him a speedy recovery.