Tokyo Games set to begin in August 2021 (Photo: Twitter @Tokyo2020)

Major events that have international participants have multiple parties who host it, taking turns. Such events have countries that offer their services to host any event, in place of getting tourism and attraction spectacle.

These events are magnanimous and are held on a huge scale with multiple structures in operations. This requires the commitment of various authorities and the government to conduct. The costs of these are borne by the taxpayers of the country.

Since these events are so huge and structured, the scope of rescheduling is very less. With COVID-19 pandemic so widespread, things are surely grim for conducting international events.

For the first time since World War II in the 1940s, the Olympics have been canceled for this year. Organizers in Tokyo expect to host the next year. However, their optimism seems in trouble given the current situation.

Rough road ahead for the Japanese government

Tokyo 2020 organizers will host celebrations marking the one-year countdown to the Olympics on Thursday. With the postponed Games still shrouded in uncertainty, they are sure to be more muted than the first attempt 12 months ago. There is a sense of concern and uncertainty among people, especially the citizens of Japan.

Last year, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach presided over a glitzy ceremony in the Japanese capital. He declared how Tokyo the best-prepared host city he had ever seen.

Even six months ago, when fireworks exploded over a giant, luminous set of Olympic rings in Tokyo Bay, organizers were still bullish that their huge financial investment would deliver an unforgettable Games.

The Games were already set to cost over 1.35 trillion yen before the postponement and increased expenditure might further alienate a public already turning their backs on an Olympics they once embraced enthusiastically.

A recent poll conducted found that fewer than one in four favored holding the Games as scheduled next year.

Also, third believed the Olympics should be postponed again. This is an option that Bach has warned about not being possible. There is also another third wanting the Games canceled outright. Only time will tell how things will move forward from here.