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Covid-19 Affected Sports: MotoGP Is Back For Another Season

Organisers have laid out a well structured plan to host MotoGP at the desired scale for the season of 2020

Sources suggest a shortened version of the MotoGP starting 19th of July (Photo: Twitter @MotoGP)

Yes, you read that write. After making several arrangements, MotoGP 2020 has been scheduled to start from 19th of July. This event was originally supposed to be held on 8th of March, however due to the rise of Covid-19 so rampant in the European countries, it was called off.

We know that the season was supposed to be held on 8th March in Qatar, but only Moto2 and Moto3 events were raced. This implies a huge chunk of races are yet to be scheduled. Reports say that the event may be conducted in Spain. It was announced by the organisers that there are going to be back to back races at the Jerez Circuit.

Optimistic approach by the organisers

This press conference was held on Thursday this week, with the indication of the fact that the organisers were optimistic. There was also a sense of confidence and joy in the organiser’s statement while they laid out the detailed structure of how the event will take place.

Well, one can understand the place of enthusiasm. After all, being one of the few sports which haven’t been postponed to a large extent or completely cancelled is a good place to be.

One must also acknowledge the fact that the event is to be held throughout the European continent, a place which collectively is trying to overcome the spread of Covid-19 as a whole. So to be ready at this stage, things must surely be on track.

Of course the newly scheduled MotoGP events will be shorter and will have different dynamics all together; however hope is always a key factor to ensure the well-being of any given task.

Structural changes dependent on external factors

There will be a minimum of 13 races in the season, all in the European continent between July and November. Also, with “possibly four more” outside the continent towards the end of the year.

This is an event with its probabilities entirely dependent on external factors. Hosting races outside the continent is a different ball game altogether.

Many social, political and economic factors would come into play, as Europe may recover from the spread of Covid-19. Other continents still may have some issues in terms of hosting an international event at such a scale.

Whether or not fans can attend races will depend on each host country’s coronavirus regulations and guidelines.

“All dates, events and the eventual attendance of spectators are subject to the evolution of the pandemic and the approval of the corresponding governments and authorities,” MotoGP said in a statement.